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Workaholism Sleep

Workaholism: All Work and No Sleep Leads to Insomnia

There is a direct correlation between excessive work and sleep problems. Insomnia and other sleep disorders cause workplace absenteeism and reduced productivity, but the flip side of that coin is that too much work causes poor quality sleep. Night...

Why Does Epilepsy Affect Sleep?

Why Does Epilepsy Affect Sleep?

As the fourth most common neurological disorder, epilepsy affects 3 million Americans. Epilepsy begins in the brain, the same part of your body that controls your sleep. In addition to frequent seizures, people with epilepsy often experience...

Bipolar Disorder and Sleep

Bipolar Disorder and Sleep – The Ultimate Guide

Extreme highs, extreme lows, and sleep disorders that go with it are typical for more than 3 million Americans dealing with bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, poor sleep quality makes it difficult to deal with the symptoms of bipolar disorder, and in...