Best Security Blankets for Baby

Best Security Blanket for Baby – Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Quick Overview

Baby security blankets can soothe a child in a variety of stressful scenarios. They can also be a part of a bedtime routine for your child. A security blanket can comfort your child, helping him or her transition smoothly into sleep. This guide covers baby security blankets and how to choose the right one for your child.

We give you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision when shopping for the best baby security blanket. Below you’ll find our top picks for the best baby security blankets sold today. Our choices are based on verified customer and owner experiences, as well as intensive product research and analysis.

Best Security Blankets for Baby in 2021

The Best Security Blankets for Baby – Reviewed

Editor’s Pick – Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny Baby Security Blanket

Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny


  • Suitable from birth
  • Small-sized
  • Super soft
  • Stitched, not button, eyes
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Editor’s Choice Overview

Founded in 1999 in London, Jellycat specializes in soft toys. Their toys are quirky and cute and made to be soft enough to be cuddled and adored by children of all ages.

The Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny Baby Security Blanket is soft and small enough (18 x 13 inches) for both newborn baby cuddles and to be carried around by a toddler. A take on Jellycat’s popular Bashful Bunny, this version comes with a blanket attached to it.

The cute stuffed animal friend offers a different surface for your baby to feel and grip. The blanket is like material on both sides and is made from 100 percent polyester. The blanket is machine washable, but cannot be tumble dried, cleaned, or ironed.

Best Quality – Little Giraffe Chenille Blanky

Little Giraffe Chenille Blanky


  • Two different fabrics
  • Made in the USA
  • Both soft and fluffy to touch
  • Minimal, classic design
  • Small in size and suitable for newborns
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Best Quality Overview

Luxury baby blanket and newborn essentials company Little Giraffe makes its products from high-quality, soft textiles. The result are classic, beautiful pieces that provide comfort and soothe your baby for restful sleep.

The Chenille Blanky comes in beautiful silver, blue, and celadon (jade green) shades, and makes a classic addition to any baby’s bedding. It’s both fluffy and soft and offers your baby two different surfaces to touch: chenille and satin. At 14 x 14 inches, it’s small enough for your newborn and can grow with your baby in the stroller and beyond. Made from 100 percent Polyester/ Satin: 43 percent Acetate 57 percent Rayon. Machine washable.

Best for Newborn– Burt’s Bees Baby – Lovey Plush, Hold Me Bee Soother Security Blanket

Burts Bees Baby Lovey Plush Hold Me Bee Soother Security Blanket


  • 100 percent cotton
  • Chemical-free
  • Safe for teething
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified
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Best for Newborn Overview

This Burt’s Bees baby security blanket’s shell is made with 100 percent organic cotton velour. Measuring at 12 x 12 inches, with a 3-inch-diameter bee attached to it, the blanket can be a perfect addition to a newborn’s crib. The soft, all-natural fabric is safe for the most sensitive of skins. The fabric is combed and ring-spun for durability, softness, and no-pill washing.

Burt’s Bees is known for its all-natural products. This Lovey Plush was made from cotton that was grown sustainably and ethically, without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This baby security blanket can be a great choice for eco-minded parents, or parents of children who are sensitive to synthetic fabrics.

Best Security Blanket Set – Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Plush Blanket with Security Blanket

Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Plush Blanket with Security Blanket


  • Made in the USA
  • Great gift offering with two different-sized blankets
  • Super soft
  • vailable with bear, monkey, or whale toys
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Best Security Blanket Set Overview

Hudson Baby makes a wide variety of classic, quality, modern nursery essentials and baby gifts. This security blanket set is both adorable and functional, as it offers both a toy and larger blanket. The blanket can be used to wrap your baby when it still swaddle-aged, and your baby can grow with the blanket as it is generously sized at 30x 36 inches.

The small toy attached to the smaller blanket can be a great addition to a stroller or crib. It offers different functions to your baby as a friend, a surface to grip, and something upon which to chew. The set arrives with a gift ribbon tied around, so very little additional gift-wrapping is necessary if this set is being purchased for a baby shower, or the holidays. This security blanket is machine washable.

Buying Guide – How to Buy a Baby Security Blanket

A baby security blanket can act as a transitional object that can soothe a child in a variety of potentially stressful scenarios, such as bedtime or a visit to the doctor’s office. Choosing the right security blanket for your child is important, as it is an object that will stay with your family for some time and one that should provide a sense of safety for your child both in and out of bed.

This guide will give you all the information you need to make an informed buying decision when shopping for the best baby security blanket.

Why Should You Use a Baby Security Blanket?

Security blankets can be much more than a soft, plush blanket in your baby’s crib. Security blankets can act as transitional objects for your child. Transitional objects are something that a baby or child can touch that lends him or her a sense of security. Transitional objects help children grow from emotional dependence to emotional independence. A transitional object can be a blanket, a doll, or even a pet.

One of the reasons transitional objects work is because they are often soft. Touching them can make your baby feel relaxed and calmer. Another reason why a transitional object works is because it is familiar. That security blanket that sits in a child’s crib becomes a visual, tactile, and olfactory constant in their daily experience. The blanket’s smell can remind a baby of their parents, home, or other familiar scents that can have a calming effect. The sight of a transitional object, like a blanket, can remind the child of their bedroom, or crib, and instantly create a sense of security.

A security blanket can be incorporated into your baby’s sleep routine. A soft blanket is a wonderful addition to any baby’s crib, whether or not the child chooses to attach to it. Security blankets often come attached to a stuffed toy, which can serve as entertainment as well as an extra blanket. The soft toy attachments can help babies who are teething too.  A security blanket can also be used by a parent, giving it familiar scents.

Security blankets are a helpful option for babies that have to be separated from familiar surroundings such as going to daycare. Security blankets can also be a helpful addition to a baby’s sleep routine. They may also be helpful for babies who are experiencing change, such as a move between homes, a change in their daily routine, or a separation from one or both or their parents.

Pros & Cons


  • Help sooth babies experiencing stress around bedtime.
  • Transitions children to daycare.
  • Helps a child cope when a parent is leaving for an extended period.
  • Soothes children experiencing disruptions in their routine, such as illness or frequent trips outside the home.
  • Helps children cope with a change in the family, such as the loss or addition of a family member.


  • Separation from the blanket (routine washings, getting lost) can be a traumatic event for the child. Opt to buy duplicate blankets so a backup is on hand.
  • There may be events or spaces, such as a pool, where the blanket is not appropriate or can get damaged.
  • The child may eventually need to be weaned from the security blanket if they stay attached for too long.

Despite the potential drawbacks of using a baby security blanket, they are largely considered to be positive additions to a baby’s life and can help soothe a child as needed.

Different Types of Baby Security Blanket

While your baby may grow attached to any blanket in his or her crib, there are two main types of security blankets: soft blankets and soft blankets that include a stuffed animal attached to the blanket. The primary difference between a security blanket and a different type of baby blanket, like a swaddling or receiving blanket, is that a security blanket tends to be small enough for a child to take on the go.

The blankets that have animals as a part of them serve a dual purpose as a toy, or source of entertainment. They can help a baby keep occupied in a crib or stroller, and may serve as a puppet or prop to play with between child and parent. Still, the child will choose which type of blanket they love best, so it may be best to introduce both types of blankets and see which one is preferred.

Materials and Construction

Security blankets can be made with a variety of materials. Cotton, chenille, and velour are some of the most popular fabrics used in security blankets because they are soft to the touch.

While chenille and velour may be some of the softest fabrics available, they often have include rayon and polyester. Synthetic fibers may trigger sensitive baby skin. A 100 percent organic cotton product may be better from some children. However, fabrics that include synthetic materials may also hold up to multiple washings and keep their shape and color better than all-cotton varieties.

Some security blankets also have multiple fabrics and tabs sewn into them. Babies are tactile and learn about their worlds around them through touch. Blankets that offer different types of surfaces can offer different sensations and experiences for your baby.

Finding the Right Baby Security Blanket

Choosing the right security blanket for your baby can depend on a few different factors. For instance, different types of blankets address different milestones in child development. Some security blankets come attached to toys. Other blankets may be more aesthetically pleasing as a part of your baby room decor. Other security blankets are made with sustainable, organic methods and fabrics. Some key factors to consider are:

  • Child development: Different features on blankets may appeal to different phases in a baby’s development. Some blankets are made with tags attached to them that appeal to a baby that is younger than 12 months. A toddler may be less interested in tags, but prefer a toy.
  • Aesthetics: While a parent cannot fully control which type of blanket the child attaches to, some security blankets are constructed with adult aesthetics in mind. Others hope to appeal to a child only. Offer different blankets options and see which ones your child attaches to.
  • Toxicity: Many security blankets are made with manmade materials, as they can be incredibly soft but could irritate some children.

Baby Security Blanket Care and Maintenance

Baby security blankets need to be incredibly soft, yet must withstand quite a bit of washing. Most baby security blankets are machine washable in cold water, but cannot be machine dried.

It is advisable to use gentle detergents when cleaning your child’s security blanket. Many detergents are dye-free, or are created especially for children. Look for fabric softener options that are equally gentle for children’s skin.

As your child may grow attached to his or her security blanket, the process of washing the blanket may cause upset in a daily routine. It’s advisable to buy a backup blanket to both swap in during washtime, and also relieve the wear and tear that daily use may bring.

What Else Should You Consider When Buying Baby Security Blanket?

Buying a security blanket for your child is a personal choice. Children attach to transitional objects, like security blankets, to help them develop the independence to deal with change and uncertainty. Security blankets are particularly useful for children that have to face a changing routine, such as parents that are away for extended periods, or constant trips from home.

When buying a security blanket, consider the fact that the blanket is going to be a member of your family for some time. Your child will use the object to comfort his or herself for months, or even years. It’s important that the blanket fits in with your beliefs and priorities, makes your child feel safe, and that it can be washed and withstand the test of time.

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