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Best Crib Mattress – Expert Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for the best crib machine in 2021, you’ve come to the right place. We have reviewed some of the very best crib machine on the market and chosen our top 10 for your consideration.

A crib is a specialized bed designed for kids and young children.  Traditionally, it was meant for adults but now they are used for kids by adding a short railing on four sides, to prevent the baby from falling down. Generally, a crib is used for 24 months after the birth of a child.

You must be aware of the saying that “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” The same applies to a crib mattress. While all baby mattresses look quite similar on the outside, there is a sea of difference on the inside. You can understand the difference once you get to know about the different types of crib mattresses available in the market and the pros and cons associated with each one of them.

Here are the best crib mattress you can buy in 2021:

Best Crib Mattress in 2021 – Reviewed

1. Serta Tranquility Eco – Our Top Pick!

With Serta Tranquility Innerspring mattress you can provide your growing baby with the comfort he needs. With a dual-sided construction, this mattress features a comfortable cotton side for toddlerhood and a firmer side for infancy.

The core 120 heavy-duty innerspring provides ideal firmness for toddlers and babies. With a 6-inch thickness, this qualifies as the thickest and the best innerspring crib mattress. The waterproof vinyl cover makes it easy to wipe clean with a full perimeter border for added support.

The mattress is made from non-toxic substance free from any harmful chemicals. This product qualifies the CPSIA testing, lead, phthalate, flammability, and free from harmful fire retardants. Moreover, it comes with the GREENGUARD Gold certification which signifies low chemical emission for a healthier environment.

Keep in Mind

The mattress comes with CertiPUR-US certified and GREENGUARD Gold certified with a 35-years warranty and is Made in USA.

The mattress comes with a 35-year warranty.

Additional Specifications

The dimensions of the mattress are 27.5″W x 52″L x <6″H which can fit any standard crib and toddler bed.

2. Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams – Best Budget Crib Mattress

This Safety 1st crib mattress proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a mattress. Made from high-density, thermos-bonded fiber, this Heavenly Dreams Mattress provides the much-needed support to your baby as he sleeps.

This mattress is GREENGUARD GOLD certified, which means that this mattress meets the standard for low chemical emissions. It also features a water-resistant cover made of 100% vinyl which can withstand odor, mildew, and stains. Safety 1st got the Women’s Choice Award for America’s Most Recommended brand for Baby Crib and Toddler Mattress and the best crib mattress to prevent SIDS.

Keep in Mind

At just over 7 pounds, this mattress is the perfect lightweight choice. Since this mattress is lightweight it can bear a maximum of 50 pounds weight.

Additional Specifications

This mattress weighs 7.39 pounds with dimensions of 27.5” x 52.5” x 5.5”.

3. Naturepedic Organic Dual Firmness – Best Organic Crib Mattress

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

This organic dual firm crib mattress is the perfect choice for parents who want to know the exact material that is used in their baby’s bed. The luxurious organic cotton is the best alternative to foams and synthetic fabrics assuring parents that their little one is resting in the safest material.

The outer cover is made of food-grade organic cotton that is easy to wipe clean. The inner filling of the mattress is chemical-free consisting of organic cotton allowing proper regulation of temperature thereby eliminating sweaty backs and improving sleep quality.

The innovative “Breathe-Thru” technology allows the free flow of air, reducing the risk of CO2 rebreathing and suffocation. This product is recommended by many paediatricians for being hypoallergenic, safe, and healthy for your baby’s development.

Keep in Mind

You need not strain your arms to change the sheets on the mattress. Although it is lighter than the heavy-duty innerspring mattress versions, it delivers the same firmness and durability.

Additional Specifications

With dimensions of 27.5” x 52” x 6”, this mattress weighs just above 11 pounds.

Parents Review

Parents claim this mattress to be great for both toddlers and newborns, but there are mixed reviews for its structure. Although a few mention a slight sagging on the sides on in the middle, the company claims to have made recent improvements on such feedback.

4. Newton Baby Breathable 2-Stage – Best Breathable Crib Mattress

Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed

For the absolute breathable crib mattress, the Newton Baby Breathable 2-Stage Crib Mattress is a clear winner. Manufactured without foam or springs, this mattress is made of breathable and recyclable food-grade polymer keeping in mind the health and safety of the baby.

The core is made out of 90% free air, making it ideal for your baby to breathe right through it. The mattress material is comfortable and helps in regulating temperature.

The cover is made of a material that prevents the growth of bacteria. Not only is the cover machine-washable but also the core which can be completely submerged in water for cleaning.

This Newton Wovenaire crib mattress is GREENGUARD Gold certified which means that the product is free from latex, glue, foam, allergens, or springs.

Keep in Mind

The best thing about this mattress is the absence of polyurethane, glue, foam, or metal springs. Besides being hypoallergenic and recyclable, the product has been tested by a CPSC accredited lab that certifies it as safe from CO2 rebreathing and risk of suffocation. However, this is among the high-priced crib mattresses available.

Additional Specifications

The mattress weighs around 11 lbs and measures 28” x 52” x 5.5”.

Parents Review

“Such a cool mattress! Not only is it perfectly firm for a newborn but it is made in such an innovative way that I wonder how no one else came up with this sooner! Love the mattress and think its a must-buy for any new parent. Worth the money!” – Seema

5. Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer – Best Mini Crib Mattress

Moonlight Slumber Mini Crib Mattress

The Moonlight Slumber crib mattress is a great option if you are short of space and want a mini crib. This mini crib mattress is a preferred choice among parents because of its dust mite and bed bug resistant capability.

This dual-sided mattress features two different types of foam, one with a firm infant-friendly side while the other being plusher and toddler-friendly as the baby gets older. Should your little one pee, you can easily unzip the cover and get it washed.

The mattress is Greenguard Gold certified and is made from medical-grade, stretch-knit encasement that is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and stain and odor resistant.

Keep in Mind

If you are looking for a more breathable organic mattress you should check out the Naturepedic Organic Breathable Mini Crib Mattress.

Additional Specifications

The dimensions of this mattress are 27.5” x 5” x 52”.

6. Graco Premium Foam – Best Mattress in a Box

Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress

This premium Foam Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress from Graco offers an array of outstanding features at an exceptionally reasonable price and lists among the best crib mattress on a budget. Unlike the memory foam used in adult mattresses, this baby mattress makes use of the safe polyurethane foam. This premium foam mattress will fit all toddler beds and standard cribs.

The Graco crib mattress features a water-resistant removable cover that can be both hand washed and machine-washed. This 100% polyester cover provides the perfect protection to the crib mattress. You can also choose to wash the mattress with mild soap and cold water.

With GREENGUARD certification, this premium crib mattress by Graco undergoes thorough testing for any hazardous materials or harmful chemicals.

Keep in Mind

Graco recommends unrolling the crib mattress within a couple of weeks of purchasing to enable proper expansion at room temperature and use it after 72 hours.

Additional Specifications

The mattress has dimensions of 27.6” x 52” x 5” and weighs 7 lbs.

7. Bundle of Dreams Eco-Air – Best Eco-Friendly Crib Mattress

Eco-Air Organic Crib and Toddler Bed Mattress

If you are looking for an eco-friendly mattress option then there is none better than the Bundle of Dreams Eco-Air Crib Mattress. This mattress is made of a material called “bundle fiber”, which is healthier and safer in comparison to foam. This helps in protecting your baby from toxic emissions, alongside preventing any off-gassing.

The organic cotton cover features a water-resistant finish that prevents the mattress from being messy. The dual-sided mattress provides firm support to your little one in their infancy and a cozy memory feel when they are a toddler.

Keep in Mind

The mattress is recommended for use by babies aged between 2 to 5 years.

Additional Specifications

The product weighs 10 lbs.

8. Moonlight Slumber Luxury Dreamer – Best Cool Crib Mattress

Moonlight Slumber Luxury Dreamer Crib Mattress

While babies require a super-firm mattress for safe sleeping, toddlers focus more on their comfort, making Moonlight Slumber Luxury Dreamer Crib Mattress the best choice for such purpose. This dual firm mattress features high-density infant foam on one side and cool gel memory foam on the other. This premium quality handmade mattress with two-layered foam offers the right firmness level for your baby.

Its 3-dimensional airflow cover promotes air circulation at the surface, highly recommended for use at the infant stage. This hypoallergenic mattress features stretchable knit encasement that is resistant to stains, odor, and water.

Moreover, this mattress is UL Greenguard Gold certified which ensures its safe use by children. Its lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects is a symbol of its high-quality material.

Keep in Mind

One side of the mattress is made of OcyFlo CoolGel memory foam, suitable for your toddler if he gets sweaty while asleep.

Additional Specifications

With a dimension of 27.25” x 52” x 5”, this mattress weighs around 10 lbs.

9. Lullaby Earth Super – Best Lightweight Mattress

Lullaby Earth Non-Toxic Waterproof Crib Mattress

Changing bed sheets is no fun and changing that of your little one’s bed is even worse. This is because every time you need to lift the mattress out of the crib, making it an annoying task. But with Lullaby Earth Super Lightweight Eco-Plus Crib Mattress things are different as you won’t have to lift a heavy mattress every time you change sheets. It can easily be wiped clean.

While the weight of this mattress is a mere 7 lbs, neither the quality nor the comfort is compromised. The WaveSupport core provides added support to the baby and is quite durable despite its lightweight. The waterproof mattress is made from recyclable food-grade material with added support around the edges.

Keep in Mind

The mattress meets all flammability regulations and is free from any harmful substances like PVC, vinyl, phthalates, or other allergens. But keep in mind that the product is not organic.

Additional Specifications

The mattress measures 27.5” x 52” x 6” with a weight of 7 lbs.

10. Babyletto Pure – Best Crib Mattress Newborn

Babyletto Pure Core Non-Toxic Crib Mattress

The Babyletto Pure Core Non-Toxic Crib Mattress ranks as the best crib mattress newborn and is filled with an array of features. The first and foremost feature is the non-crinkly and vinyl-free surface that keeps it quiet as the baby moves around.

The mattress is dual-sided, with one side being nice and firm for a newborn and the other relatively soft side for toddlers. The polyester core is non-toxic and free from urethane, PVC, vinyl, allergens, or other chemical flame retardants.

Besides, it features an outstanding cotton cover which is vinyl-free and water-proof that can be easily zipped on and off and machine washed. It is Greenguard Gold certified making it a safe option for both infants and toddlers.

Keep in Mind

While Babyletto sells their own cribs, this product will also fit other brands. So, check the measurements before placing an order.

Additional Specifications

The mattress weighs about 9 lbs with dimensions of 52.5 x 28.38 x 6 inches which can easily fit any standard crib.

11. Eco Classica III

Eco Classica III 2-Stage Baby & Toddler Mattress

The Eco Classica III 2-Stage Baby & Toddler Mattress by Colgate Mattress qualifies as the best overall crib mattress. It features an extra-firm side for your infant and a softer side when he grows into a toddler.

The mattress has an organic cotton cover that is waterproof and prevents any moisture from soaking into the mattress. With 6 inches of thickness, it is among the thickest crib mattresses available.

The plant oil-infused foam is safe and chemical-free for your baby. The mattress is organic and GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certified, making it a safe option for babies.

Keep in Mind

The mattress is lightweight, making it easy for parents to change the sheet. But while cleaning, make sure to use a damp cloth soaked in cold water.

Additional Specifications

The mattress measures 51.6″ x 27.25” x 6”, designed to fit most cribs and toddler beds, and weighs only 9.6 lbs.

Parents Review

Parents like the dual firmness of the mattress which is long-lasting and retains its shape over a long period.

Features to consider while buying Crib Mattress

There are various features that should look into before you buy a crib mattress for your child.

  • When speaking of the skin or cover of the mattress, there are two types of covers generally available in the market, first, fabric, and second, vinyl. Both of these above-mentioned materials have their uniqueness when it comes to breathing. Vinyl covers have breathing holes for better air circulation while fabric naturally breathes better. The vinyl covers are usually multi-layered thus making it more durable than the fabric covers, which have higher chances to get ripped off or punctured. So while shopping for a crib mattress, customers are suggested to look for triple-layered design which increases the durability of the mattress.
  • If the buyer wants to buy a complete waterproof crib mattress, he should go for a vinyl crib mattress. But before buying, they should check for the air-pockets as proper air circulation is very important for the longevity of the mattress.  The waterproof cover of the mattress keeps it stain-free and the outer toughen layer gives extra firmness and support to your infant.
  • If you are planning to buy a crib mattress, always buy a new one. It is preferable to avoid a second hand mattress. Old or second-hand mattresses can be infested with bacteria which can adversely affect the health of your baby. Secondly, worn mattresses lose the firmness hence making it unsafe for your child.
  • You should also take into consideration the weight of the crib mattress. According to legal guidelines, the innerspring mattress should weight around 20 to 30 pounds whereas the foam mattresses are lighter and should weight around 6 to 9 pounds. If the weight differs largely, it is preferable not to buy.
  • Speaking legally, the size of a crib mattress should be 27.75” x 51.75 inches.
  • Some mattresses in the market are labeled as ‘flip crib mattresses’. This means they are two-stage crib mattresses and as the name suggests, they can be flipped to support different stages of your child’s growth. One side of the mattress is firm, specialized for the infants and the other sides are softer for the toddlers. It is always suggested to concern a child specialist, who can correctly guide you about which side of the mattress is correct for your child.

Types of crib mattresses

There are different kinds of mattresses available around us. If we divide the categories of crib mattresses broadly, we can find three types – foam mattress, innerspring mattress, and natural mattress.

  • Foam Mattress

Foam mattresses are not only lighter in weight than the innerspring mattress but also cheaper, hence this mattress is more popular among the buyers. Foam mattresses are specially designed for infants to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Unlike a memory foam mattress, which tends to create a void by the infant’s head, thus increasing the chances of suffocation, the foam mattresses are firm and retain the shape.

  • Innerspring Mattress

An innerspring mattress uses coils of steel, covered with a layer of foam. The better the quality of the mattress, the heavier it is and the more durable it will be.

  • Natural mattress

Today if anyone searches for crib mattress online or any local store, they will surely come across ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ mattress. These mattresses are made up of natural materials like latex of natural origin, wool, cotton, fibers of coconut, foam derived from plants, and so on. Natural or organic mattresses are not pocket friendly hence they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Below is a list of the top crib mattresses available along with the best crib mattress protector and the best crib mattress topper for you to help you make an informed decision.

How to choose a crib mattress?

Choosing a crib mattress for the infant can be very exhausting, confusing, and tricky without proper knowledge and guidance. It does not matter from where and at what price you are buying the crib mattress; these tips will help you to choose the correct one.

  • Research

If you don’t research, you can’t expand your options about brands, quality, material, price, usage, how to maintain it, availability, and many more. The more you research the more you learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various types of mattresses.

  • Size

Before buying any crib mattress, you should know the exact size of your crib, in which the mattress will be placed. As per the golden rule, there should not be more than a gap of two fingers between the side of the mattress and the frame of the crib. A larger gap than this can be enough to trap your baby in between and suffocate him.

  • Air circulation

Fabric mattresses breathe naturally and better while vinyl mattresses have air pockets to increase air circulation. Whatever mattress you choose, it should have a proper air circulation system. With proper ventilation, moisture escapes the mattress thus making it odor-free and more comfortable for the baby sleeping on.

  • Firmness

A firm mattress is necessary for the safety of your baby although it sounds uncomfortable. Soft crib mattress often leads to SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. A soft mattress can suffocate your baby hence a firm mattress is what your infant needs. You can choose a ‘flip crib mattress’, one side of this mattress is firm, fit for your infant and the other side of the mattress is soft, perfect for your young toddler.

  • Certificate

Always go for government-certified brands to buy mattresses, for they follow the safety rules made by the government. It is not only a mere certification of the product but also ensures the safety of your baby. If you are planning to buy the expensive organic or natural mattress, certification can give mental satisfaction.

  • Protection

If you are planning to buy the mattress for your infant, a waterproof mattress is always a good option. The infant often leaks, waterproof mattresses are covered with nylon which restrains the liquid to get absorbed by the foam.

Crib mattress safety guidelines

Several safety guidelines need to be followed to ensure the safety of your infant. The following safety guidelines will surely help you to the best crib mattress for your child.

  • New

It is preferable to use a new crib mattresses because of three main reasons. Firstly, you may not know who the former user was, how he maintained it, exactly how old it is, or whether it is properly disinfectant. Secondly, if not properly maintained or disinfectant, it can full of bacteria that are not good for the health of your child. Thirdly, with age, the crib mattress loses the firmness, thus making it unsafe for your baby to sleep on.

  • Ventilation

Proper ventilation is the key to maintain a crib mattress. If the mattress has a proper air circulation system, it not only allows the moisture to escape the foam thus making it odor free but also reduces bacterial growth.

  • Cover

Crib mattresses come in different covers and they have their range of advantages and disadvantages. The fabric cover has great ventilation but can be easily stained or ruptured. On the other hand, vinyl covers are mostly stained free and waterproof but with weaker ventilation through air pockets. Whatever you choose should be firm with a tri-layer cover for endurance and durability.

  • Natural

If you are planning to invest a handsome amount of money in buying a crib mattress, it is suggestible to grow for a mattress which is made up of natural things such as cotton or coconut skin. This prevents the baby from chemical harshness and allows him to grow in soothingly.

  • Certified

It is always preferable to buy a certified mattress for it maintains the legal safety guidelines such as size, shape, width, material, weight, cover, and so on. These safety guidelines ensure the safety of your child against SIDS.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crib Mattress:

  1. Which crib mattress is best?

There are several options when it comes to choosing the best crib mattress for 2021. The ranking is influenced by several factors such as the quality of material used, temperature control, firmness level, and price among others. The Colgate Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib Mattress can be labeled as the best crib mattress 2021 customer reports.

  • What is the best type of mattress for a baby?

Either type of mattress, i.e., foam or innerspring is the best for your little one as long as you choose a standard quality model. Both are known to maintain their shape and firmness for a long time and provide proper support to your toddler or infant.

  • Is foam or coil mattress better for a baby?

Innerspring coil crib mattresses are known to have numerous benefits in comparison to foam crib mattresses. This includes better edge support, long-lasting, more durability, water resistance, improved temperature control, and better weight distribution. Hence, a coil mattress is considered a better choice for babies in comparison to a foam mattress. 

  • Does a crib need two mattresses?

A crib needs only one mattress, as most cribs have height-adjustment settings. Depending on the size of the baby you can adjust the crib to a safe level. However, you may choose to put a second mattress in the crib but make sure it is not too high, which can turn out to be dangerous for your little one.

  • Are baby mattresses all the same size?

There are several variations of a baby mattress like convertible, traditional, modern, bare-bones, designer, etc. Irrespective of the design, a crib is usually built to fit a full-sized crib mattress. So, a baby mattress measures between 51 to 53 inches in length and 27.25 to 28 inches in width, with a thickness of 4 to 6 inches.

  • Does coil count matter in a mattress?

The coil count in a mattress determines its firmness and comfort. The higher the coil count better is the body support and the longer is the mattress service. So, a buyer should emphasize more on the coil count while purchasing a baby mattress to ensure better comfort and support.

  • Do breathable crib mattresses work?

A breathable crib mattress is believed to eliminate the possibility of overheating and reduce exposure to toxic gases which has been associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

  • Why do babies need a hard mattress?

While sleeping, a baby needs a firm and flat surface to maximize his development, especially when the infant becomes more active. A firm crib mattress is essential for supporting the skeleton structure of the baby while ensuring that the baby is safe and there is no possibility of suffocation.

  • Is memory foam bad for babies?

A baby requires a firm surface in a crib mattress to prevent suffocation and memory foam is soft. Also, your little one would need a cool sleep surface while he is fast asleep as he cannot regulate his body temperature and memory foam is warm to sleep on.

  • Which IKEA crib mattress is best?

There are several options when it comes to choosing an IKEA crib mattress. Among the available alternatives the top picks include –

  • Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer crib mattress is the best rated.
  • Delta Children Twinkle Stars Limited Crib Mattress is the Best Innerspring and the most affordable.
  • Sealy Soybean Serenity infant & Toddler Mattress is the best organic mattress.
  • Colgate Eco Classica II Eco-Friendlier crib mattress is the best lightweight product.
  • Why should you buy a new mattress for each baby?

Experts recommend buying a separate mattress for each baby to ensure cleanliness and dryness. You may choose to reuse a mattress for your newborn if it is fully waterproof and in good condition.

Final Verdict

There is a popular saying called “sleeping like a baby” which most parents are familiar with. But this is often not the case, especially when your little one reaches a milestone such as teething. Even if you are the lucky one to see your baby sleep without any disturbance in the crib, you would want to ensure that the he is comfortable and safe. You can make this parenthood journey exciting by investing is a standard and good-quality mattress for your newborn.

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