Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleeper

Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers – Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking for the best mattress topper for side sleepers in 2021, you’ve come to the right place. We have reviewed some of the very best mattress toppers on the market and chosen our top 10 for your consideration.

If you or your partner is a side sleeper you understand how difficult it is to choose the right mattress. It involves a lot of considerations like covering all the pressure points, eliminating motion transfer, noise reduction, and a lot more. This is where the contribution of a mattress topper comes into play as it is capable of transforming even the most uncomfortable beds into a comfortable ones. So, whether you are shopping for the best organic mattress topper for side sleepers or any other variants you need to know the best mattress toppers making rounds in the market. Below is a list of the top mattress toppers in the market that will surely help you in making an informed decision.

Here are the best mattress toppers for side sleepers you can buy in 2021:

Below, you’ll find a detailed review of each of the above mattresses that covers all aspects from price point and feel to preference and personal sleep needs, we will explain how we made our decisions and help you choose the perfect mattress topper for you.

Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers – Reviewed

1. Tempur-Pedic Supreme – Best Overall Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers

Credit – Temper-Pedic / Amazon

Tempur-Pedic has been an industry leader for several years, and this mattress topper is the perfect example. Made of original Tempur material, this topper offers adequate comfort and breathing, suitable for any sleep position.

Customers have claimed this product to be more responsive than the standard foam mattress. The 3-inch memory foam responds to the body shape of the sleeper, relieving the pressure points and helping mostly with side sleeping.

To top it all, the mattress provides a 10-year warranty showing the confidence of Tempur-pedic regarding the quality of its product. This product qualifies as the best mattress topper for side sleepers with back pain.


  • Available in a variety of sizes for a perfect fit to your mattress.
  • Durable with long-lasting comfort as compared to other memory foam mattress toppers.
  • Machine-washable and hypoallergenic cover to keep dirt, allergens, and dust-mites away.
  • Conforms nicely to the shape of the body.


  • Some users claim that it loses its firmness earlier than expected.
  • Too soft for bulkier people.

2. CoolRest® Topper – Best Bed-In-A-Box Mattress Topper

BedInABox is a pioneer in the mattress industry, creating the first mattress in a box. On top of the quality mattresses they offer, the toppers provide the same comfortable memory foam feel that helps you fall asleep fast. This topper provides 3” of pure comfort along with a soft knit cover perfect for sensitive skin.

The BedInABox topper uses the advanced CoolRest® Gel which is made of 20% soy making it a safer and earth-friendly product. Add it to any existing mattress to enjoy a quality sleep and feel fully rested. It provides immense comfort and support in any sleeping position.

All BedInABox products are US-made and offer a 120-night trial and 3-year warranty to guarantee your satisfaction. Shipping is free in the United States and the sizes offered are all the way from twin to king/cal-king.


  • Has a large variety of sizes to fit your existing mattress
  • Very safe and eco-friendly product
  • Soft knit cover for sensitive skin


  • A slightly pricier option

3. Sleep Innovations – Best Mattress Topper for Luxury & Comfort

The 4-inch Mattress Topper features a dual-layer of gel memory foam and quilted fibre fill specifically designed for customized luxury and comfort all night long. The 2-inch quilted fiber offers lightness to the mattress.

The gel memory foam is designed to maintain an optimal temperature for your body keeping you cool throughout the night. Its hypoallergenic material keeps away allergens, dust, and mites ensuring a night of undisturbed sleep. 


  • The dual-layer helps in regulating the temperature.
  • It’s easily removable and machine-washable.
  • This product is a cost-effective choice.
  • Its 10-year limited warranty speaks of the quality of material used for its manufacture.


  • The mattress cover is of poor quality.
  • No case is provided for storage.
  • The new smell of the mattress may last for few days.

4. Lucid Mattress Topper – Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain

The LUCID mattress topper is made of 2-inches ventilated gel memory foam to add pressure-relieving comfort and softness to your mattress.

The gel inside the topper helps to regulate body temperature, thereby ensuring cool and comfortable sleep at night. This mattress topper can provide much-needed support on pressure points and is a great choice for budget shoppers.

The special memory foam formula with ventilated design improves the breathability for a soft and airy response to the sleeper. Users label this product as the best mattress topper for back pain or neck pain.


  • Soft and comfortable for light sleepers.
  • Effectively regulates body temperature.
  • Extremely lightweight and responsive.
  • Budget-friendly with a 3-year warranty.


  • Strong off-gas smelling.
  • Too soft for heavy sleepers.

5. ViscoSoft Mattress Topper – Best Mattress Topper for Shoulder Pain

If you are looking for the best mattress topper for side sleepers with shoulder pain then you should go for Viscosoft. This mattress topper is made from 2.5-inch neutral gel memory foam with an alternative fluffy down of 1.5 inches.

Unlike similar other products in the market, this mattress topper comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee. The dual-layer had undergone rigorous washings for lasting comfort and durability.

The design of the mattress topper helps in eliminating motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep. The 4-inch gel-infused breathable foam helps in regulating the body temperature by improving airflow.


  • Best topper for side sleepers with shoulder pain.
  • A removable cover keeps the mattress topper clean and fresh.
  • Soft and comfortable topper for light sleepers.
  • Uses gel-infused technology for improved airflow.


  • Maybe too soft for bulkier sleepers.
  • Not suitable for hot sleepers.
  • Emits a slight off-gassing smell.

6. Lift by Amerisleep Mattress Topper – Best Mattress Topper for Lower Back Pain

If you are looking to upgrade your existing mattress for a good night’s sleep then you should go for Amerisleep™ Mattress Topper. Based on the material used this product qualifies as the best mattress topper for side sleepers with lower back pain.

The Lift mattress topper by AmerisleepTM is available in two different variations – The Comfort and The Support. The Comfort Lift Topper contains advanced open-cell Bio-Pur® material for better cushioning and reduced off-gassing. The Support Lift Topper includes Affinity material for added support.

The MicroGrip® technology used for these toppers applies gentle friction with your mattress, thereby ensuring long-lasting use.

The pressure-relieving HIVE® technology with soft and ultra-breathable cover regulates the body temperature thereby preventing overheating.


  • Provides a 5-year warranty for each of its products.
  • Available at an affordable rate.
  • The Bio-Pur® layer for pressure-relief is suitable for firm mattress seekers.


  • Might not be suitable for some light sleepers.

7. Layla Memory Foam Topper – Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers with Hip Pain

Layla is the first manufacturer to introduce copper-gel infused foam technology to sleepers. It is like adding an extra layer of cloud to already soft and plushy cotton candy. The 2-inch thick memory foam topper helps to keep you cozy and cool throughout the night.

The copper gel beads absorb your body heat to keep you cool for a comfortable night’s sleep. This copper-infused gel technology is antimicrobial which acts as a protective covering to keep bacteria and germs away.

The topper is CertiPUR-US® certified which ensures that the product is free from harmful chemicals and hazardous substances.

The soft surface makes it the best mattress topper for side sleepers with hip pain. The Layla Memory Foam Topper helps in minimizing motion transfer so that you have a comfortable night’s sleep.


  • Appropriate for those looking for the perfect blend of contour and cooling.
  • Suitable for average and smaller side sleepers.
  • The polyester blend cover provides added cooling technology.
  • Those who sleep hot would love this mattress.
  • Offers a 5-years warranty for foam splitting and defects in the cover.


  • Available only in a single firmness and thickness.
  • Not suitable for sleepers looking for a firm mattress topper.
  • Stomach and back sleepers should explore other options.

8. Best Price Mattress Topper – Best Budget-Friendly Mattress Topper

If you are looking for a budget-friendly mattress topper then it has to be the Best Price Mattress 4″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper. The mattress topper is made of 1.5-inch memory foam with high-density foam measuring 2.5 inches, it molds to the shape and size of the sleeper, thereby eliminating pressure points and relieving stress.

The topper is also known for its ability to respond to the body temperature of the sleeper which can help you to stay cool all night long. The top 4” memory foam layer is infused with Green tea extract, containing ingredients effective in reducing stress and promoting restful sleep. All that matters is about how well you sleep.

Unlike most other products in the market, this mattress topper comes with a bonus 4-inch zippered cover with polyester mesh, enabling you to store it properly when not in use.


  • It comes with a 5-year warranty, indicating its high-quality durable product.
  • This topper is easy to clean allowing you to stay hygienic.
  • Its 4-inch thickness will provide the best comfort for a restful sleep.
  • The manufacturer also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee for this product.


  • Some users claim this product to sag after a few months.
  • It produces an off-gassing smell which takes a couple of days to disappear.

9. Allswell Mattress Topper – Best Mattress Topper Infused with Copper Gel

The ALLSWELL 4” Memory Foam Mattress Topper infused with copper gel is an improvised version of the 3-inch mattress topper that offers improved stability and support. This product allows you to sink deeper and reduce pressure points for better spinal alignment.

The topper is made of two layers of Coolflow memory foam of 4-inches in height. Memory foam itself is known to trap heat whereas the copper gel helps in temperature regulation. While the bottom layer offers support, the top layer focuses more on the comfort of the sleeper.

Its open-cell technology maximizes air circulation. It has been infused with copper gel that promotes cooling and has anti-microbial properties for a healthier environment. The remarkable contouring along with motion transfer benefits is also worth mentioning. This allows you to move and reposition while sleeping without disturbing your partner.


  • The manufacturer offers a 30-nights risk-free trial to all users.
  • Cooling Copper transmits excess heat away from the body.
  • Open-cell technology ensures moisture-wicking and promotes airflow.
  • Copper has anti-microbial properties to maintain the freshness.


  • Users who hate memory foam should look for other options.
  • Not suitable for buyers looking for a firm mattress topper.

10. E-Luxury Bamboo Mattress Pad – Best Mattress Topper by Reddit Users

The extra-soft bamboo mattress pad by eLuxury provides luxurious comfort to your bed at a cost-effective rate. The extra-thick bamboo pad is widely used in 5-star spas and resorts across the World.

The silky bamboo-blend fabric reduces hotspots to effectively regulate the bed temperature. The extra-soft top quilting is appropriate for a mattress that runs hot. The use of bamboo fabric in this mattress pad makes it more breathable than similar to other market products.

The padded top is made out of 30% rayon and 70% polyester. The presence of polyester makes the pads more durable and stretchable.

The mattress topper is filled with synthetic cluster fiber. This highly innovative polyester material has to undergo an improvised engineering process that traps the air and allows the pad to stay in shape longer while allowing more airflow for increased comfort.


  • Provides a soft and plush feel to the mattress.
  • Available in different sizes from twin to California King.
  • The presence of polyester makes it more durable and stretchable.
  • There is much less indication of pressure on the mattress with this mattress pad.


  • Not suitable for mattresses with indentations of over an inch.
  • Sleepers who want to make their mattresses firmer.
  • Not suitable for kids or elderly people looking for a waterproof protector.

11. ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Mattress Pad – Most Versatile Mattress Topper

If you want some extra plush to your mattress topper then ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt would be the right choice. It can be labeled as the best mattress topper for side sleepers with hip pain.

This mattress pad is made up of plush rayon with a bamboo cover and filled with hypoallergenic material called Revoloft Cluster Fiber – individual polyester pellets that are more hygienic to the sinuses.

The fitted skirt is made out of 8% spandex, 16% nylon, and 76% polyester. This topper is designed to fit mattresses that are up to 18-inches thick. The backside of the pad is made of 70% polyester and 30% cotton. Although the back material is a bit rough it is quite durable.

The 160 thread-count cover with double-needle stitching helps the fills to stay in place without shifting on one side. This is the perfect choice for mattresses including latex, memory foam, or innerspring.


  • Effectively regulates body temperature.
  • Beneficial for sleepers with back pain and discomfort.
  • Useful for those with allergy problems.
  • The best alternative to the memory foam mattress topper.
  • Unlike most mattress toppers it offers a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Can be difficult to clean.
  • Some users have complained of the padding clumping over time.

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Mattress Topper – Buyer’s Guide

Essential features to consider while buying a mattress topper for side sleepers

Side Sleepers have more considerations than stomach and back sleepers when it comes to choosing the right mattress topper. Your body is in a specific posture when it comes to sleeping on your sides. You could end up damaging your shoulders and hip if you had to sleep on a hard surface.

Hence, it is important to factor in certain considerations when it comes to choosing the right mattress topper for your preferred side sleeping position. These include –

The thickness of the Topper

Different mattress toppers come in different thickness levels varying from 2 to 4 inches. The thicker the topper the deeper you will be able to sink into and get proper support. For side sleepers with heavyweight, choosing a thicker mattress topper will allow them to have a deeper sink giving a suspended feeling. However, if you are satisfied with the support of your current mattress you can get a thinner topper for softness.

Available sizes

This size of the mattress topper should be given equal importance alongside other factors. You must find out whether the sizes of toppers are available in the model you are looking for. Usually, the California King Size is available for some select products in which case the product should be shortlisted after verifying the right size.

Weight Support and Density

This aspect is often overlooked by most buyers, especially those who are new to mattress topper shopping. You need to analyze this factor carefully to ensure that the topper is capable of properly supporting you and your partner’s weight. Otherwise, you will sink right through it, making it difficult for you to have a restful night’s sleep. For bulky sleepers, it is better to choose a topper density of around 4 to 5 pounds per cubic foot. For thin people, toppers with a density of about 3 pounds per cubic foot are sufficient.  

Material Used

Nowadays, mattress toppers are manufactured using a wide variety of materials, unlike the traditional egg crate toppers. Some of the popular materials include latex, gel-infused, memory foam, and combination toppers.

Gel memory foam toppers are suitable for people who sleep hot as it tends to dissipate the heat from the body. Memory foam is one of the most preferred materials as it offers adequate support by forming around the contours of your body. Besides, natural latex is a great choice for those looking to purchase all-natural products.


Some mattress toppers emit an off-gassing smell that is difficult to get rid of. Memory foam toppers are known to be one such material, the smell of which is difficult to bypass, even after using a mattress cover. In such a situation, it is better to leave the topper out in the open for a few days before using it.


This is one of the most essential considerations in your mattress topper selection process. Apart from considering your budget constraint, you need to ensure that the product you are purchasing is worth the investment. After all, this is a long-term investment that is expected to serve for years.


The standard warranty offered by most manufacturers for the best mattress toppers for side sleepers in 2021 is 3 years. While this is the bare minimum, there are a few others that offer a 10-years warranty. This is a reflection of how durable the material is if the company is willing to offer such a long warranty period. If you are torn between two products go for the one that offers a longer warranty period.

Some Extras

There are other associated features that need consideration before making the final choice, such as a hypoallergenic cover, heat retention, etc. These are necessary if you want your mattress topper to serve you better and longer.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Does it help back, hip, and shoulder pain sufferers?

Yes. Mattress toppers are known to benefit people suffering from back, hip, and shoulder pain. Many users have reported significant relief from pain after using mattress toppers. A good mattress topper helps in the proper alignment of your spine, especially if you are a side sleeper. This helps in relieving pressure while allowing your body to gradually heal.

Are they suitable for heavy people?

Mattress toppers are available in a wide variety of sizes and firmness levels. While the soft mattress toppers are suitable for lightweight people, there are many toppers that are known to support even bulkier sleepers. If you are a heavy sleeper, look for memory foam or high-density material that is thicker than 2 inches.

Are bamboo bed toppers the best for side sleepers?

If you are looking for the best mattress topper for side sleepers, a customer report reveals that bamboo mattress toppers can be one of the top choices. Besides being incredibly smooth and soft, bamboo acts as a natural resistance to mildew and sagging. This helps in making the sleeper feel pampered and sleep at ease.

Which side goes up on the memory foam mattress topper?

Unlike the conventional memory foam mattresses, using a topper does not require flipping to enhance the longevity of the product. However, the design varies a lot for different manufacturers. While some feature a thin layer stitched atop other materials, others appear the same both on the top and bottom. Press one finger into the foam; the side that conforms to its shape should usually be placed at the top.

What density in a mattress topper is best for side sleepers?

Density for a mattress topper usually measures in three levels ranging from two to six pounds.
– 2lbs to 3lbs: This is usually available in 2” and sometimes in 3” mattress toppers. However, this density is considered to be inadequate for most side sleepers.
– 4lbs to 5lbs: This is the most frequently purchased density level. It is firm enough to support an average-weight person while still being a little plush.
– More than 6lbs: It is a high-density topper that is ideal for sleepers on the heavier side of the provides adequate support and firmness without being uncomfortable to wake up the sleeper at night.

Can I use my pillow mattress topper on a pullout sleeper?

It will work best if you prefer to sleep on a firmer bed. Both down and memory foam mattress toppers are known to be suitable for pull-out sleepers. However, the material is more of a preference. As long as the material is thick it will add more base to the sleeper without being uncomfortable.

Final Verdict

All the mattress toppers in the above list are best in their ways. While some are useful for back and hip pain some may be effective for a shoulder problem. It is up to you to decide which mattress topper will provide you a true return for your investment, whether you are purchasing it for necessity or luxury. However, remember not to go for the next best alternative as you have a plethora of options to choose from. Scout the market properly, shortlist potential products and then make a comparison to choose the best one out of the available alternatives.

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