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The 10 Best Router Table for 2022 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

A router table can be considered as a piece of vital equipment for a craftsman or a woodworker working with a router. These tabletops can make hard work simple, and you can work efficiently. These 10 best router tables are useful in woodworking and can be used for multiple purposes like decorative trimming, functional cuts, etc. These tables take a further step by providing greater stability.

Over the past 100 years, there have been major transformations in the design and technical aspects of routers. Woodworking professionals consider it a common tool.

Router tables are stationary machines having a spindle that rotates at top speed. Their ability to craft unique wood shapes makes them a versatile piece of content. Routers are must-haves when you want to use a router safely and effectively. If a router is fitted into a router table, you use both hands for designing the woodcuts. It enhances the safety and accuracy of the process. If you are looking for the best router table, the following router table reviews could prove to be useful.

Top 10 Best Router Tables for 2022 Reviewed

Bosch RA1181 Benchtop – Best Router Table For Beginners

Bosch Bench top RA1181 - Best Router Table

This bench top table RA1181 offered by Bosch makes it highly worthy. It is well known among woodworkers for its sturdy nature and long durability. The ability to adjust the height of the table makes it easier for people to use it without much effort. Buying it is worth the investment. The weight is 30 pounds and so it can be carried easily and moved according to your needs. You can keep your work area clean without hassle, as it has a dust collection port.

It is fitted with a 2 and ½ inch vacuum hose, and it benefits you in all ways. Buy this table and get a tidy and clean workspace. Its hoses will give you a debris-free operation. It has cord-wrap storage that enables you to store a 6-foot cord, and you do not need to worry about a wire getting tangled.

It has mounting hardware. To provide an effortless experience, it has a starter pin and guards the routing curved workpieces. It is ideal for all woodworking shops. This router table is portable and an indispensable part of a workshop.

It is an ideal router table for any beginner. It has a detailed instruction manual and great packaging. To make the best use of this product, follow the instructions.


  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for workshops
  • Convenient storage
  • Adjustable Feather boards
  • Adjustable MDF face plates

Bosch RA1171 Best Cabinet Style Router Table

Bosch Cabinet Style  RA1171,

This table type features a smooth and laminated surface styled in the form of a cabinet, making it a suitable product for any woodworking workshop. This table is suitable for stability, dust collection, and storage. It has a rigid aluminum mounting plate that is pre-drilled to allow compatibility with different routers.

Its tall fence can handle the taller stick and its adjustable MDF feather boards can maximize versatility and precision. The table has two dust-collection ports, one at the cabinet and another at the fence for dust management. This table provides convenience with a dual-outlet switch that has a 6-foot power cord, starter pin, three mounted plate rings, and a guard.

Due to its versatile design, RA1170 allows you to work with different materials while offering precision with each cut. The feather boards offer added support and control to the router table.

It weighs about 35 pounds. It is the best router for a router table that has a compact table, which can be used in places that have minimal space. This makes it appropriate for woodworkers and DIYs working in a shared space or a spare room.


  • A rigid aluminum mounting plate
  • Two dust-collection port
  • Tall aluminum fence
  • Perfect size
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight
  • Flat tabletop

Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool Combo Kit – Best Router and Table Combo

Bosch 1617EVSPK  - Best Router Table

Are you looking for the best router and table combo? This combo kit router table can be used for various applications such as precise plunging, laminate trimming, forming edges, cutting slots, and dovetail cutting. You can handle many routing applications with it. It has a powerful motor along with advanced speed control, precision bases, and many advanced features that can help to get jobs done accurately and quickly.

The table takes care of the tough routing jobs with its versatile speed range between 8,000-25,000 RPM. This variable speed dial enables you to set an optimal speed for routing. It maintains consistent speed while cutting due to its in-build constant response circuit leading to more cleaner and accurate results.

It is a versatile kit that has all the parts needed for plunge routing and fixed-depth routing. The microfine bit depth systems on the bases enable fast and accurate bit depth adjustments. There is a microfine adjustment that has a range of 1-inch and is accurate to1/64 inches.

This Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Tool can be used for many years and is durable. The bases and motor housing are made of aluminum and its power switch is dust-sealed for enhanced durability. It has a rugged carrying case that keeps all the parts protected. The routing tool has a one-year warranty, one-year service protection, and a 30-days money-back guarantee.


  • Variable speed dial
  • Double insulation
  • Quick clamp system for quick tool-free conversion
  • Precision Centering Design
  • Contoured grip handles for better comfort and control
  • Precision Centering Design

HotBosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 – Affordable and Stable Router Table

HotBosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181

For durability and precision, this bench router table provides a great work surface. It features a large tabletop that is made of aluminum and this makes the table portable as well as sturdy. This table was launched after table 1171.

This table can be easily attached to all workbenches. It consists of an aluminum fence, which has an MDF face plate and an aluminum mounting plate. It has three fitting plates along with insert rings. It is used as mounting hardware on all Bosch routers, starter pin, adjustable transparent protection, and two feather boards.

It has a work surface area of 18 inches x 27 inches. It is one of the best picks. It has a warranty. Its added feather boards allow users to cut several boards by offering guidance and minimizes any chance of kickbacks There is an additional accessory slot that enables you to insert implements like a miter gauge.

It is a good choice for people who do not have plenty of space. Though small, it has many features, including a port to collect dust, a storage pocket, and a power cord lock.


  • It is built with top-quality material.
  • The table can be attached easily to a workbench.
  • It has an 18 inch and 27-inch work surface that is adequate for medium – scale projects.
  • It can be attached easily to a workbench.

Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table – Best Portable Router Table

Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

For a workshop that has limited space or projects that use a router table for different job sites, this table by Bosch is a good choice. It has a portable design along with foldable legs and an easily clicked mounting system. Due to its compact size, it can be easily stored when folded.

It has a laminated MDF top and feather boards that assure additional control for better results. For additional convenience, it has an integrated storage compartment for the parts and other bits and tools. Happy customers describe this table as lightweight, compact, quick to assemble, and easy to use.

This best router for router table is a portable one and is affordable, convenient, and provides stability when in use. The laminated and leveled MDF top, along with an MDF face sheer which is adjustable, provides improved support.

The table contains a high fence that can hold a huge stock. The Bistro-height gauge offers a setup, which is user-friendly and provides enhanced cutting accuracy. This is pre-fabricated along with folding legs to ensure mobility and comfort.


  • The table is pre-assembled and has storage space.
  • With an MDF top, it is one of the best options for users who require a portable router table.
  • It is an easy mounting system that makes it easy to use with different routers.

SKIL RAS900 Router Table – Best Affordable Router Table

SKIL RAS900  - Best Router Table

If you are searching for an easy fold table, then you should not look beyond SKIL RAS900 Router Table. This table has laminated MDF and an accessory storage bag.

Once you use this table, you should worry least about the accurate routing of a workpiece. It has 2 feather boards that make work on this table easy.

To make this the best table router, its makers have made it height gauged. It enables you to simplify the setup. It increases the accuracy. This table has a self-contained structure that offers storage for the essential parts.

The package has an efficient folding design. You need minimal effort to set up a table and also unfold it if not used. Due to its stability, purchasing this router table is worthwhile. It has a detailed manual along with 2 containers and a clamp system.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Quick clamp system
  • Accessory storage containers
  • 26×18 inches surface area
  • Two feather boards
  • User manual

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table – Best Professional Router Table

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top

This router table is a high-performing and high-quality one. It is studded with various outstanding features, including an industry-strength fence that makes it a top benchtop router table. It has a sturdy metal construction and provides a good workspace of 16”x24”. Still, it is compact for a DIY workshop. You can put it anywhere, and it will hold the ground because of its sturdy steel stand.

The Kreg PRS2100 table offers a feature, which makes it eligible for a commercial table and a full-sized board available in a mobile package. This table offers a solution, whether you want to use it at a job site or a shop. Its fence consists of anodized aluminum and sliding faces.

The stand has a rubber foot attached to it that improves the overall stability of this table. Not just that, it absorbs vibration that makes it a comfortable experience.

This table is constructed for industrial operations. It has adjustable faces along with vertical joints and clamps. It is meant for woodworkers and the price is very reasonable. Its open design can minimize router noise and its base has predrilled holes, which enables it to be enclosed.


  • It has a durable and sturdy steel stand that adds stability.
  • It is suitable for both DIY and industrial applications.
  • This tabletop is built with MDF that measures 16”x24” for additional workspace.
  • It has a vacuum shroud to maintain dust.

Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table Wood- Best Budget Router Table

Leegol Electric Benchtop

This router table has folding wings along with a lightweight frame. This table measures 13.33” Lx34” Wx15” H. The main table is perfect for working on it. It offers an additional workspace that increases its efficiency. You can buy this table at Leegol Electric and enjoy a great workshop.

This is the best router for table mounting to an extension table. To make your job easy, the makers ensure that an extension table at both ends has an extra-large size. The size of the extension table is 8”x18” and it provides a great deal.

While buying this router table, every buyer worries about dust collection. This can be a huge task when the router table does not have a proper dust collector. Because of Leegol Electric company, this router table has a great dust collector to give users a comfortable experience.

Made by experts, this best budget router table contains a baseplate of 6-inch diameter. This baseplate allows it to use the router table without hassles. Getting this table is worth spending. One more problem that users face while purchasing a router table is that the wood chips fly. The transparent guards that are attached to a fence without any binding, prevent these wood chips from flying.


  • It is an affordable option for people who are on a budget.
  • Perfect size, lightweight, adjustable and easy to work.
  • It has switch controls at the router’s center, enabling right and left-handed users to reach a comfortable position.

Other Useful Router Table Accessories

POWERTEC 70152 Router Table – Effective Dust Collector

POWERTEC 70152 Dust Port

It is a 2 and ½ inch Router Table Dust port by POWERTECH. The dust extraction port was designed to work in association with the dust collection system of the router table.

It can provide a healthy and safe workshop and can keep surfaces free of dust and clean. It is made of molded ABS plastic and the small dust port has 1/8” thickness to withstand wear and tear associated mainly with woodworking dust such as sawdust, wood fiber chips, and other debris.

The dust port can work with homemade routers, table saw fences and shaper tables. You can keep the dust collection operation efficient and effective with this dust collector.

POWERTEC is a manufacturer of top-quality woodworking tools, machines, accessories, and OEM replacement parts.


  • Easily mountable design that offers versatility if you pair it with a sharper table, router table. fence, or a corner-mounted dust collector.
  • Durable and tough ABS plastic.
  • Premium built to withstand wood fiber dust, sawdust.
  • The right-angle design for easily mountable to sharper and router tables.

Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence – Best Router Table Fence

Kreg PRS1015 Fence

It is one of the costliest router tables and so, if you are on a budget, you can consider others. Those who have no budget restrictions will find this table one of the best among the available alternatives. 

The reason is its size. It is big enough and so, though it has a big tabletop, it can fit most of the medium-sized workshops. It has a micro-adjustable fence and if you are a perfectionist regarding woodworking, you will be one.

It has a durable stainless steel stand and thus this router table can easily sit on an adjustable between 31”-39”. It means it can suit people of all heights. It has an insert-plate system that has reliable precision. The fence is multi-purpose and self-squaring for your woodworking needs.

Though it is an expensive one, it is available with all the features that you would need for efficient routing. This is known to be compatible with a wide collection of routers. Some users have reported warping up to 1/16” in both directions for inserts. However, you can purchase aftermarket inserts, if you face this issue.


  • It has a convenient and large MDF tabletop for efficiency and functionality.
  • The fence can be adjusted to micro-levels for better guidance.
  • It features a micro-dot skin, which enables easy sliding of a workpiece.
  • It can be assembled safely though it has a sophisticated design.

Buyers Guide – Best Router Table

Whether you are new to the carpentry business or you are a professional, a router is needed as your tool. A router may be referred to as a table that can be used for various woodworking tasks and is required for producing attractive artworks. If you mount a router on a table, you will get more comfort, control, and consistency.

What’s a Router Table?

On a router table, a handheld router is placed upside down. The router bit or cutter should enter through a hole in the table’s surface. The material is placed on top of the table for shaping or cutting. Router tables have a wide range of accessories to assist with different shaping and cutting jobs, and it enhances the versatility of a router.

Router tables add versatility to routers by enabling the tool to perform upside down. They might be stationary or portable. They enable you to use a router in a way that would not be otherwise possible or difficult.

It improves efficiency and accuracy so that you can build a beautiful finish on a project. The table must ensure that users can mount it on a surface for better control and hands-free cutting.

Router Table or Hand-held Routing

The best professional router table is designed to be used in a stationary position or hand. Woodworkers prefer one to another. However, its use must be based not on opinion but application.

Woodworkers use hand-held routers for big projects, which are impossible or difficult to work on tables. A hand-held router can be used easily. You can make delicate or small cuts in wood with a hand router.

On the flip side, router tables are convenient and safe to work with tiny pieces of wood. Push sticks are helpful in keeping your fingers away. A router table is ideal for bigger bits, which take away material all at once. When you are a beginner, router tables should offer you safety, consistency, and stability.

Buy One or Make Your Own?

You will find that there are different opinions regarding buying or making a router table. Though it might not be imperative to purchase one. However, if your budget enables you, buying a router table is a good choice for better convenience.

Getting experience in woodworking can be one of the reasons to make your own table. It can be intimidating for a new person and can bring challenges to experienced ones. Many woodworkers think that making router tables is cheap and if you are on a budget, you can opt for it. This might not always be the matter because the price depends on the materials you use along with the features you have put into it.

Customization of size and features are also reasons for building a router table. Though you can build a DIY project according to your needs, there is a wide range of router tables that are available with a few or multiple features you have been looking for.

You can avoid these issues by buying a router table. Buying tables allows you not to guess the building method, offers you an adequate table surface, and also enables you to get involved in other projects too.

How to Choose a Router Table?

As there are a plethora of options available, it might be confusing for a buyer who is not much known about router tables to purchase the best one. In such cases, going through a detailed review of router tables can help make an informed decision.

Table Surface Quality

A router table surface is the primary consideration. The tabletops are constructed using the following material:

Laminated MDF – Is a common material useful for fabricated router tables. MDF can maintain shape and should not wrap. Melamine coatings prevent an MDF coating from soaking up moisture, an issue related to bare sheets.

Plastic or Phenolic resin – It is an upgrade to MDF. It consists of one molded piece and should hold the shape for a lifetime. Manufacturers can mold ribs and lattices under a surface to increase strength. This material is thinner and lightweight but more expensive than MDF sheets.

Machined metal – This is another tabletop. Machined aluminum and other material of a similar kind can make it a durable surface. Professional shops and home manufacturers might spend additional money to increase the durability provided by cast aluminum.

Insert Plate

The router’s plate should support the weight of a router besides remaining flat. It will need aluminum materials or phenolic plastics. The non-MDF surfaces support a router and offer consistency.

Router Compatibility

Manufacturers provide insert plates, which are matched according to specific routers.

An all-in-one plate that has several holes drilled on its surface provides reduced structural integrity.

Table Size

The size of a router table should be such that it offers support for the projects along with fitting into a work area. A quality table provides you with a lot of room for a meter gauge and your fence.

Dust Collection

When you use a router, it will generate debris and chips. You should look for the best wood router table that has dust collection and shall not clog while using it. The adaptors might be used for fitting a collection system hoses, a shop vac, or both.

Portable or fixed table

Routers can be either stationary or portable. You can get ones, which are both. If you are a DIY person, who requires a table for home projects, the best will be a stationary table when you have the room. You can opt for a table extension too if you have limited space. If you are a craftsman or carpenter, on the other hand, a portable table can be a good option. This can range from extension options to tabletops to folding tables.

Important features

If you have never worked with a router table, you might find its features confusing. You should try to find the right model according to your needs. You should consider the important factors:

Mounting plate

The mounting plate must be a priority while purchasing a router table. Ensure that the table is strong, flat, and rigid. There should not be bumps since it will offer precise work.


The fence of a table is vital. It helps to keep the materials tightly when you are working through your machine. Make sure that the model’s fencing can be adjusted either on one or both sides. Many use dual fences to make them completely adjustable. It protects your fingers and keeps them away from a saw’s way. You will have entire control over your products.


A base is an integral component of a router table. It is important to choose a router table that has a sturdy base. A lot of pressure is involved in the route and so a base should provide great protection and stability. For proper support for the router, the base of the table should be strong enough. When you have a heavy router, it makes sense to purchase a table that has a sturdy baseplate.

Flaws in a baseplate can cause significant problems. If the base is bent or warped, it will not sit on the table and will lead to stability problems.  The corners of the base can be adjusted. If you can afford a top-end model, you can receive a spring system that enables adjustability with any effort.


Tabletops are generally made of aluminum so that they are lightweight and durable. Uneven surfaces might create issues. Apart from the materials, you should consider the size.


The portable router tables are smaller, and you should ensure that you have adequate space for working safely and comfortably.

Durability and Safety

While the fence and base of a router table are important, they are not the only features considered while choosing a table. You should concentrate on each aspect and what should be there to stay safe when you work.

The table should contain a warranty for covering defects that might happen in the manufacturing process. You will not want a new table and find it to be a broken or dented one. Primarily, a manufacturer must follow the safety specifications and requirements. Try to consider brands that have an international certificate regarding quality.


If you are buying power tools along with accessories, you might be looking at prices. But, performance is the key while selecting a table. You can get the best router table for the money at an affordable rate. There are differences between a cheap product and an affordable one. You can buy a good quality router table with the right pricing and appropriate features.

There are many budget tables we have discussed here. These are safe and suitable. Some might not have a brand name, but offer the best value depending on what you need and quality.

Safety Tips for Using the Table

Any woodworking equipment might be dangerous when you are a beginner. You should have the correct routing skills for handling this job. You need to find the right table and focus on a router installation. Skills are highly vital and, therefore, you must consider these safety tips for using the table:

  1. Wear safety goggles/glasses
  2. Set a table fence before you begin to work.
  3. Use a dust extractor port and a respirator
  4. Use the right power outlets
  5. Feed your work from left to right
  6. Fix routers firmly for ensuring they are not loose
  7. Turn off power from the main switch before you change the bits
  8. Take courses for gaining experience
  9. Know the adjustment knobs and the way of working with them.
  10. Clamp a router to tables while handling the small routing jobs

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Final verdict

To make your projects more enjoyable and work more efficiently, you need a router table. Before you decide to buy a router table, you need to look at the projects you work on and your needs that are not being met presently.

Going through a detailed review should certainly help you to pick a table that is appropriate for your purpose. Due to the availability of a wide selection of router tables, choosing the one that fits your needs can often be a tough decision to make. Thus, we are here to provide you with the best router tables. You can notice the important details such as major options and features provided by them. The detailed buying guide has the vital details of a router table.

These aspects are handy for choosing a perfect router table. Still, if you are finding it difficult to select a perfect router table according to your needs, you can choose one of our recommendations. This way, you can make informed decisions to choose the best router table plans.

Frequently Asked Questions on Router Tables

What is the best router table to buy?

Most people have no choice because they require a router table, and they want to be sure to get the best router table. However, certain factors need to be considered. You should make sure that the T-slots, baseplate, and T-track are appropriate as per your needs. Ensure you have a long power cord to reach where you need it. Browse through various router table reviews to choose the best option according to your needs.

What is the best benchtop router table?

One of the best benchtop router tables is the Kreg PRS 2100. It is a strong and durable one. It has a great industrial quality that makes it a perfect choice for professionals as well as beginners. It has a portable size with all the qualities of a full table.

Is a router table worth it?

Yes, a router table is of great value to a DIY or a professional woodworker. It is the only way of making some advanced wood projects. It might not be required while cutting or trimming edges. It is mainly required for making an intricate design that demands a strong and sturdy surface. You can use a router table if you are doing detailed work. It will make your work easy.

What is a good router table height?

It depends on your height. As a general rule, a router table should be of the height which enables you to exert pressure and you do not have to bend much. Mostly, it should be between 40” – 49” high.

Do you really need a router table?

The routing process becomes easier and faster on router tables, mainly if you are working on narrow boards. You can do a lot of work, like decorative trimming. Using routers becomes easy with router tables.

How thick should a router tabletop be?

The MDF-constructed router tables must be a minimum of 1-inch thick to prevent bending and assure the longevity of a tabletop. Phenolic and metal tabletops might be less than 1 inch in thickness.

What is better a router or a router table?

You should get a router table with a router if you are an enthusiast DIY-er or a professional, who makes advanced wood projects. This is not for those people who use routers for small purposes such as cutting and trimming edges. So, you should get both.

How tall is a router?

You will find router tables that are 36” tall. This is a countertop height and also a general working height. If you want, you can build them of the same height as like a table saw to utilize them as an infeed or outfeed table.

Is a router table better than a router?

Stationary routers are better if you work with small material pieces, which might not offer support to the base of hand-held routers. Router tables offer more stability. With this, you can accomplish in-depth cuts with little woodworking experience. The cuts are defined properly and also smooth at the edges.

What size is good for a router table?

The workshop size determines the size of the table that you should have. The big tables are important for important projects. When you handle small tasks, you might not require it.

Can any router fit in a router table?

These days, router tables have mounting designs that can accept multiple routers. It does not make them universal even though many mounting plates form a part of the buying process. Many router tables recommend routers that fit the mounting plates. If you are not sure about the compatibility of your router along with the table, you can visit a local store and then choose the one that will fit properly. Woodworkers upgrade the routers if they buy a new table.

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