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Best Bosch RA1181 Router Table Review

Bosch Router Table RA1181 is a widely available router table from a German-based company. It can hold your router and offer you a stable platform. Besides stability, it enables easy router mounting mainly for those users who use two and more than two routers in a project. It is designed more for casual woodworkers than professional carpenters. This router table is sturdy and is compatible with many routers. It has an adjustable fence, which supports taller workpieces. Its price is reasonable and the table should be assembled. Many of its parts are made of plastic and this is how Bosch has kept the price of a best router table low. Here is the Bosch router table review.



  • Tall Aluminum Fence along with an adjustable MDF Face- 4 7/8″ x 25 1/8″ 
  • A rigid Aluminum Mounting Plate — It remains flat and accurate and pre-drilled for different routers.
  • Easily used featherboards — 2 adjustable featherboards that can attach to table and fence and offers kickback protection and guidance.
  • An accessory slot accepts featherboards and optional accessories including miter gauge
  • A dust collection port 
  • Storage pocket to hold router accessories
  • Cord wrap storage


  • Brand name: Bosch
  • Model: RA1181
  • Length: 22.75”
  • Height: 14.5”
  • Width: 27”
  • Throat opening: 3 5/8”
  • Dust collection: Yes
  • Accessory slot: ¾” accessory slot
  • Weight: 30 lb

First Impressions and Best Features

The Bosch router table RA1181 needs a good amount of assembly. You have to take time for its setup. The manual way could be understood easily. Some simple figures and instructions explain the different elements of an assembly. It is most bought and best router table in out list of top 10.

The base of the table is made of stiff moulded plastic. Its benchtop and its mounting plate consist of aluminium. Its fence is constructed with laminated MDF. This table has an in-built circuit breaker along with an on and off switch for supplying power and protecting the electronics of a router.  It is a portable and lightweight table that makes it a great option for carpenters.

Built and Design

This router table is available in three parts such as the router plate, table, and fence. The assembly process is straightforward. It is a 27” long and 18” wide aluminum table. It has a flat surface and can minimize friction. It has a standard 3/8” deep and ¾” wide miter slot. 

Large Worktop Space

One of the things about the Bosch RA1181 Router Table is its aluminum top. Many routers of this price have an MDF top. MDF material is selected because it is readily available and is cheap. Aluminum offers less friction because it slides around and is lightweight.

The top is huge and it measures 27”x18” and therefore it is almost a full-sized model. It is perfect for beginners and DIYers though professional craftsmen might need bigger. Regarding the rest of this table, its base is made up of a hard moulded plastic. It is hardwearing and will not withstand professional use. Though it has a decent size, it can be used by many hobbyists and craftsmen.

Great Dust Extraction System

This Bosch Benchtop router table has a standard port, which can connect to a standard dust collection system. Big fence openings and proper air circulation can make sure that most of the dust you have created is whisked away from the work surfaces. This has 80 per cent efficiency. It suggests that  75% of the dust shall be vacuumed by the central vacuum. 

Aluminum Router Plate

The Bosch router plate is made of top-quality material. It means you can fix and remove the router whenever you like without damaging or breaking the table. It is compatible with many routers because of the design of its base plate. There are many fittings including a predrilled mounting insert. Though it works properly with Bosch routers, it works properly with tools from many tool manufacturers. It has T slots, which enables you in adding accessories such as miter gauge. You shall get two featherboards, which give reliable and accurate positioning.

Some Plastic Component

Though the base pate and the tabletop is made of smooth aluminum, many components have moulded plastic. Though it is a toughened and hard plastic, still it is plastic. Its knobs, base, and dials are plastic and they wear out with time. Plastics have helped to reduce the costs and the quality is low.

Router Mounting and Operation

Once the assembly was done, the table is sturdy and properly equipped to use. Fence adjustments are made easily using plastic adjustment knobs. Featherboards are useful for safe operation. It is flexible and you can make adjustments easily. The cutouts for both above and underneath are large, allowing simple cutting adjustments.

Package Content

  • It has a set of 3 mounting plate insert rings for adjusting the opening
  • 2 adjustable Featherboards
  • Hardware to mount Bosch and competitive routers
  • 1 adjustable clear guard
  • Outfeed Fence Shims
  • Starter Guard and Pin


It has a lock that does not allow this router table to be used by people who should not be using it. Moreover, it keeps the adjustments made earlier in place. When you start to work on it, you do not need to reset it.

About the Brand

Bosch is a popular and excellent manufacturer of table routers and precision carpentry and woodworking tools. It has an incredible reputation for offering professional quality products that few can match. A router table is a versatile tool offering both precision and decorative flair that cannot be matched by any other. Once you add a Bosch router table, you enhance your capabilities multiple times. 

My Reviews

This router table is well-built and has machined aluminium in different vital parts. You can assemble the table easily once you follow the manual. It has a benchtop design and thus can be moved and transported easily. Though it is lightweight it is stable when you work with its attaching and mounting mechanism. It has all things that you use with it. You can adjust easily and thus you can be precise with your job. It has a long fence that is suitable for wood pieces. Its surface is warped and rough. The MDF fence might not be straight.

Bosch has won regarding this router table because of its value. It is available for sale on Amazon at $ 199.99. If you add the accessories such as featherboards and others, its price can appeal to users who are looking for both value and performance.

What do the Users Say?

Once you go through the reviews of other buyers you can make the right decision. Most buyers have praised Model RA1181 because of its competitive price, workspace size, smooth aluminium tabletop, and compatibility with a standard central vacuum system. Though there was concern regarding the durability and quality of its plastic components, it has got positive reviews from many users.

My Thoughts – Should You Buy it or Not?

According to me the Bosch RA1181 is best router table is compatible with different routers. This is a good addition to craftsmen or home workshops because of its aluminium tabletop and large workspace. The plastic components indicate that professionals might be interested to look for a more durable router table for a professional workshop.

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