Write Guest Post for Sleepation

Guidelines for Guest Contribution 

We look for guest posts that attract high traffic and add value to the life of our readers. In order to deliver valuable content every time, we have certain standards in place, which guest writers adhere to. 

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In order to avoid creating an irrelevant and poorly-written copy, make sure your content  meets the following guidelines: 

• We accept guest articles related to mattress, sleep, health, and wellness.

• The post needs to be well-structured. It should have an introductory paragraph followed by the body of the content. The flow should be natural. 

• The post needs to be unique, original, unpublished, valuable, and even actionable. 

• Ensure that the post does not look like a wall of text. Keep the paragraphs short and include suitable images, infographics, and/or screenshots. 

• Avoid using too much jargon so that the content is easy to understand and memorable for the layman. 

• The length of the post should be between 1000-1500 words.  Our average word count per post is 2500 words.

• Use bullet points to break up large chunks of text and present the information in a  more interesting and legible manner. 

• The images used in the post should be arresting, relevant to the post, and copyright-free. Two to three images per post work well. Do not forget to mention the source.

• Do include credible third-party citations to support critical information provided in your content. These can include research, studies, statistical data, expert quotes, and other reliable sources of information. 

• Links will need to be embedded within the content. The anchor text should be included naturally so that the post does not appear promotional in nature.

• Posts need to be submitted in Word format only, and as an email attachment. 

• Every post needs to end with a conclusion, which should serve as a summary of the entire content and encapsulate its main points. Do not include a new point or add citations in the concluding paragraph. 

• The post should contain at least one link to any of the relevant Sleepation blog post

• Do add your author bio at the end of the word file along with your social media links.  You need to use the brand name and not keyword(s) to point back to your website.

• Please disclose any client or partners link you are mentioning within the post. 

Sleepation reserves the right to adjust the title and remove too many promotional link(s) that we may find. Once your post is accepted and has been posted on the Sleepation blog, it will not be removed.