Your Network Is Your Net Worth Book by Porter Gale

Your Network Is Your Net Worth Book by Porter Gale

Porter’s fascinating and personal book reminds us that the more digitalized we become, the more human we need to be… a profound reminder of how to authentically connect with others. 

– Chip Conley, Founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels and bestselling author of PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow

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You invest your money, but do you invest in relationships?

In our new economy, connections are a powerful currency. Relationships are the secret to greater success, wealth and happiness. Your Network Is Your Net Worth is an entertaining, clear guide to becoming a high net worth individual–teaching you how to become rich in relationships and connections.

Featuring insights from successful business icons including Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, venture capitalist David Hornik, media maven Shira Lazar, techlebrity Brit Morin, San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer and more this book will help you pinpoint your skills and interests so you can authentically connect and build stronger connections for greater success.This book could not have come at a better time. Today, when our networks are more valuable than ever before, Porter offers the tools that will help us tap into our connections in a way that effortlessly brings exponential returns to our lives and relationships.Randi Zuckerberg CEO and founder of Zuckerberg Media Porter’s a connector. In fact, she’s introduced me to more people than I can count. Her book includes the recipe and the secret sauce for networking.Michael MinaCelebrity Chef In a connected society, we are defined by what we say, what we do, and who we know. As in the real world, social capital is now the measure of one’s standing in these digital communities. Porter Gale explains how each of us can more productively contribute to this social economy.Brian SolisDigital Analyst, Sociologist, and Best Selling Author

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Your Network Is Your Net Worth teaches you:

  • How to focus your passions and purpose with the Funnel Test (Chapter 2)
  • That giving can be as beneficial and lucrative as getting (Chapter 4)
  • How and why technology can accelerate your networking success (Chapter 6)
  • How to expand your comfort zone and meet new, inspiring people (Chapter 9)
  • Ways to make The Ask without offending anyone or appearing selfish (Chapter 12)

Whether you’re facing a career transition, a new life stage or simply working towards a goal this book will help you build a network to get you there — and far beyond.

About the Author

Porter Gale is an internationally known public speaker, networker, and entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience working in marketing, advertising, and independent filmmaking. From 2007 to 2011, Porter was Vice President of Marketing at Virgin America.

Prior to Virgin America, Porter was a consultant and held the post of general manager at Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners San Francisco. She was awarded the Changing the Game Award by the Advertising Women of New York (AWNY), was on AdAge’s Digital Hotlist, iMedia‘s Top 25-Digital Marketers, and named a Digital Passionista by The Huffington Post.

She lives with her daughter in San Francisco. She is also a blogger for AdAge and The Huffington Post.

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